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Survey Tool Plugin

Your server does not have the Survey plugin installed yet. This is a complimentary plugin brought to you by MagicMail. Please see the installation instructions at the end of this page.

Due to popular demand, we have released this complimentary plugin, to enable our MagicMail customers to easily create quick surveys that can be presented to their customers in the tools they use the most. Rather than using any 3rd party tools, this makes is so that you can safely 'poll' your customer base on questions that are important to you.

And in keeping with our 'Keep it Simple' philosophy, this provides a convenient way to 'ask customers a question'.

Simply install the plugin, and then create a Survey Question, the possible answers to the poll, and an expiry date for the poll, and activate. MagicMail will take care of the rest. You can choose to make the Survey available to everyone, or only to your 'authenticated' users. Customer will only be able to submit one reponse, and then see the results of the poll.

And you can of course see all the results of the current poll, and historical polls for use by your marketing team.

The Survey Tools plugin is dependant on MagicMail 3.0, and you MUST have the new Mobile Portal installed. If you have not yet installed the new Mobile Portal application, please contact "" for instructions. This is also a way to bring awareness to your customers of the new Mobile Portal platform, designed for easy use on today's Mobile Phones and Tablets.

We welcome all feedback on this new tool, and are excited that we can help you leverage MagicMail to get feedback from your customers on a variety of issues.

No data is shared with any 3rd parties, and all information is kept locally on your MagicMail servers, and we have carefully designed this plugin not to impact the customers experience, or performance of your webmails. Give it a try!

In order to install this plugin, please ensure your Mobile Portal is installed (http://<>/portal to test).

If you have the Mobile Portal packages installed, installation is easy. On each server in your cluster, including your backup servers, please install as follows:

apt-get update
apt-get install magicmail-interface-portal-survey
MagicMail version: 4.1.4 (4.1.4-2)