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Promotion Tools for Customer Facing Interfaces

Your server does not have the AdTrack plugin installed yet. This is a complimentary plugin brought to you in partnership with MagicMail and AdTrack. Please see the installation instructions at the end of this page.

Let your marketing team promote your services simply and easily, directly in the MagicMail customer facing interfaces.

This promotional tool easily combines the ability to show advertising materials directly into customer facing tools such as your Web Mail and Mobile Portals, and at the same time allows for complete statistics of the visitors/customers which view the promotional material.

No need for custom HTML code, or development cycles anymore.

Why is this important?

Customers are logging in to your Webmail interfaces, 6-20 times a day. They visit it more often that they ever go to your home page. You have one of the most powerful marketing opportunities available right at your fingertips. It's called 'daily opportunities'.

How does it work? Read More

Installation Procedure Read More

We are proud to provide this simple integration to "AdTrack" as a value add to our loyal MagicMail customers. Rest assured that NO personal information on your customers will be shared, and this plugin, and/or any promotional space can be turned off at any time.
MagicMail version: 4.1.4 (4.1.4-2)